Welcome To EverNu Technology, LLC

EverNu Technology, LLC is a woman-owned small technology research and development company with its headquater and research facilities strategically located at Warminster, Pennsylvania (within easy reach from NY, NJ, DE and PA areas). Since 2002, EverNu has primarily focused on exploratory research and development of innovative chemical processes or advanced materials applicable in chemical and petrochemical industries through federal funding and collaboration with universities or private industrial partners.

In particular, EverNu has been successful in winning multiple federally funded Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) awards for research and development of advanced technologies for catalytic productions of several commodity chemicals using abundantly available natural gas components as the feedstock with environmental and energy advantages. When successfully developed and implemented, these fruits of SBIR efforts by EverNu have the potential to offer the society and chemical / petrochemical industries tremendous Economical, Energy, and Environmental benefits .